Construction of the Martorelles site began in 1974, the two first treaters (K1M and K2M) were installed in 1975 and 1976 respectively.

In the 1980’s, the company invested in new machinery (press, foil treater, …) and diversified its product range by introducing laminates, edge bandings and foils. At that time the company was named Casco (short for “Casein Company”, one of the most important raw materials to produce adhesives) and belonged to Nobel Industries.

In the 1990‟s, the company invested in a paper warehouse and in an electric co-generation. In order to respond to the growing demand for foils, a new large treater (K1F) was purchased. In 1996 a resin mixing station was installed in order to improve recipes and to secure constant quality.

In 2003, AkzoNobel sold its impregnated papers division, to which the two Spanish plants belonged, to the Private Equity firms Deutsche BeteiligungsAG (Frankfurt) and Harvest Partners (New York). In January 2004, the company was renamed Coveright Surfaces.


1974. Construction and inauguration of the site.

1984. Martorelles facility acquired by Th. Goldschmidt AG; local positioning in foils and edges business.

1991. Construction of a new paper warehouse.

Investment in electric co-generation plant.

1994. Investment in a new treater to produce finish foils.

1995. Concentration of edge-banding production in Burgos.

1996. Investment in a mixing station for resin production.

2003. Acquisition of Casco Impregnated Papers by Deutsche BeteiligungsAG and Harvest Partners.

2004. Renaming of Casco Surfaces into CoverightSurfaces.

2005. Reorganization of Coveright Europe and transfer of the French melamine business to Martorelles.

Investment in a cutter for treater K1F

2009. Development of technical films transferred from Coveright France.

2010. Major refurbishment of treater K1F completed.

2011. Acquisition of Coveright Surfaces Spain by Sherpa Capital Gestión.