Coveright Spain is a leading independent manufacturer of decorative melamine film for the wood processing industry in South Europe

Coveright Surfaces Spain SA is a leading manufacturer of melamine films inSouth Europe. Melamine films serve as decorative and resistant surfaces to wooden boards mainly used in the manufacture of furniture.

Coveright Surfaces Spain uses two main categories of raw materials: chemicals used for resin production and décor paper. In the production process the décor paper is impregnated with the resin, thus forming a surfacing film that meets the specific design and technical requirements of the customer.

The company’s customers are composite wood manufacturers that will thermally fuse, through heat and pressure, Coveright’s films to their products (boards, panels, etc.). These boards are commonly used by the furniture industry for a large variety of applications (cabinets, shelving, desks, wardrobes etc. in dry but also in wet environments, such as bathrooms or kitchens), by the construction sector as well as for other special industrial applications.

The technology applied by Coveright, low pressure melamine film (LPM), is by far the most important surfacing material for panels. LPM has substituted other paper-based and non paper-based surfacing materials as laminates, veneer, thermo-plastics and liquid coatings. This trend is expected to continue, thus significant growth opportunities exist.

Furthermore, the company manufacturers customized films that are used on other materials such as high pressure laminate (HPL), Werzalit or veneers.

Key data

  • Plot surface: 24.585 m²
  • Floor space: 13.618 m²
  • Number of treaters: 4
  • Number of resin reactors: 3

Value chain for paper-based surfacing materials